Why did you create this site?

I honestly don't know anymore?? I do know I was having multiple wayback machine surfing moments and I saw cynicalneoprincessism's site!

Also, during the 2 years of extremely basic webdesign I got during my highschool studies, I did realize I really like creating websites for myself. I know that might sound weird, but what I mean with that is that I can work very diligently without feeling burnt out and still be happy when I'm allowed to do whatever I want with what I'm working on.

What to expect

nothing LMAO am kidding, but don't put up any kind of bars or expect much. I guess I could say that you can expect expansions/updates/additions to what's already there?

But yeah, rather no expectations please!

23rd August, 2000
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Currently studying:
College student in informationmanagement: libraries and archives
Previous college studies:
College/uni (bit of a special school with a cult-like following...) student in digital arts and entertainment: game development and game graphics

This goober is sitting in the middle of the autism spectrum, so please don't judge too soon and have a bit of patience.

2nd August, 202103:06PM
About that purple dye...

Sup diary...

I didn't go to a hairdresser, but I did try out that dye a few weeks ago... I just put it in without bleach and I know that the dye wouldn't work well that way... but still... It only made my hair a little less brown and that suck a lot , I've learned my lesson and most of it has been washed away now!

The appointment for my last vaccine shot is in a few days too, so I'm looking forward to that!

Still don't know how an actual diary works but I'll just do it my own way ~

11th June, 202105:51PM
RE:First diary entry

Dear neocities diary,

When will I work up the courage to order the dark purple dye and make an appointment with a hairdresser...

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