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15.09.2021  not me talking about updating the site and hardly doing anything aiushgiuasgh, I will actually work on it now as there are more items in my wardrobe
02.08.2021  hi everyone!! idk why i stopped working on the site but i'm updating it since i've received a lot of pieces and want to get that cyber category up & running too!! going to overhaul the layout of the wardrobe pages again & add detailed descriptions, hopefully completing that in the next couple of days (who knows)
04.07.2021  working on my about page, also added & updated items in/to my wardrobe, clicking on a brand logo that isn't a popular one will redirect u to their shop (did this for the taobao shops i could find)
04.06.2021  i want to update my site but i lost the cable for my external hard drive so yeahm, don't mind the subtle changes too much
05.30.2021  desktop homepage got a make-over and changed the not-found page!
05.28.2021  layout for the desktop & mobile version of the wardrobe pages have been semi-finalized!
05.18.2021  took a lil' break, will update the site soon!
05.13.2021  working on fixing the mess I've made in the past few days, also added items to my wardrobe
05.12.2021  I have worsened my shpaghet code elp, at least there's something resembling a mobile homepage and a mobile wardrobe page now
05.11.2021  trying to fix most of my spaghetti code, added a page with credits to various sozai webs
04.20.2021  working on the site again!! added items to my wardrobe
23.08.2020   creation of the site (and my birthday!!)

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